Diving In Manado

Diving in Manado is Best! Over 70% of all the fish species in Indo-Western Pacific can be found in this region. The marine biodiversity is magnificent!

About Manado

Manado is the main gateway to access one of the most applaud dive destinations in the world, Bunaken Marine Park. Over 70% of all the fish species in Indo-Western Pacific can be found in this region. The marine biodiversity is magnificent!


Manado city is the capital of North Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia. The economy of the city was previously driven by trades with nearby cities in Indonesia and Philippines. As time goes by, ecotourism took lead in bringing economic growth to the city. Scuba diving and snorkelling in 30 over diving sites in Bunaken National Marine Park, nature attractions in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, and cultural sites in the Minahasa Highland are prime areas for tourism activities. The diving and non-diving activities make it an ideal destination for divers visiting with their non-diving family members.

  • Diving Season

    Manado best diving season is between April to October. But weather Wet Season November to April & Dry Season May-October

  • Dive Sites

    his dive site is predominantly rich in Nudibranchs which are often found together with Leaf Scorpionfish on the ledges. Divers will also have a chance to encounter tons of Angelfish, Parrotfish, Triggerfish, and Wrasse. The wall in Pulau Siladen looks like a book shelf with lots of ledges and each one houses a diverse forms of marine species making it seem like a fish supermarket.

  • Featured Marine Life

    Napoleon Wrasse, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Sailfin Tangs and Dogtooth Tuna

Boutique Beach Resort

A boutique beach resort, Cocotinos Manado is less than an hour away to Bunaken Marine Park and only twenty-five minutes away from Manado International Airport. Watch and hear the waves touch the sand from your private veranda, enjoy a sumptuous meal at their open air restaurant or you may also participate in the daily lives of the locals and occasional festive events in the nearby villages to have a feel of the Minahasa culture. During surface intervals of your diving trips, you may also opt for white water rafting and mountain trekking. But if you prefer a quiet and relaxing time, there is also the Laleina Spa for a soothing massage, or take a dip by the pool. For divers, the resort caters to those who prefer diving of the beaten track giving you the chance to experience less explored dive sites.

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