Hypoxic Trimix Course

This is the pinnacle of technical diving.
Here, you will use all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience from all of your previous training and push your limits to the extreme.

There are two pathways; one takes you to 80 meters and the other to 100 meters using the same full Extended Range total diving system you mastered in previous programs. However, you will now use a minimum of three stages for decompression and travel gases.

Starting from $1750

The pinnacle of technical diving courses, SSI Hypoxic Trimix! Dive to depths not many have been to, learning how to use and manage three stages during your decompression dives, with nitrox mixes up to 100% and trimix mixtures as a travel gas!

Hypoxic Trimix Course Essentials

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  • Be At Least 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Certified in Science of Diving Specialty, Diver Stress & Rescue, Technical Extended Range
  • 100 logged Dives
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  • All Course Materials
  • 1 Theory Session
  • 1 Pool Session
  • 6 Open Water Dives over 2 weekends
  • Instructor Fees
  • Certification Fees
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Hypoxic Trimix Certification allows you to

  • Dive up to 80 meters or 100 meters
  • A minimum of three stages for decompression and travel gases will be used in the program

What's Next?

The fun doesn’t need to stop there! With just a little more training, you can go even further – imagine diving in underwater shipwrecks, with sharks, or becoming an underwater photographer! It s your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures.