Extended Range Course

This program qualifies you to dive to 45 meters using nitrox mixtures of up to 100%, and 25 Minutes of accelerated decompression using hyperxoic mixes as a one stage decompression gas. The program can be completed on either backmount or sidemount configuration.

Starting from $1102

Entry level technical diving course, SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving provides the fundamentals towards developing yourself to become a technical diving or a recreational diver with stronger knowledge towards scuba diving. Learn how to conduct safe decompression dives using a stage cylinder with nitrox mixes up to 100%, to depths of 45m.

This course can be done using Trimix as well! Or take the SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving and SSI Extended Range certification combo!

Extended Range Course Essentials

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  • Online Theory Materials
  • Weekend Trip - Transport, Accommodation, Meals
  • Equipment Rental (Except for Mask & Fins)
  • Instructor Fees
  • Certification
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Extended Range Course qualifies you to

  • Dive to depths up to 45 meters using nitrox mixtures of up to 50%
  • 25 minutes of back gas decompression using a one stage decompression gas

What's Next?

The fun doesn’t need to stop there! With just a little more training, you can go even further – imagine diving in underwater shipwrecks, with sharks, or becoming an underwater photographer! It s your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures.