Diving in Layang-Layang

Layang-Layang is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations, with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb dive sites hidden within.

About Layang Layang

An isolated scuba diving paradise with its rich sightings of pelagic and macro creatures.
Not far from the shores of Malaysian state of Sabah, lies the small island Layang Layang in the wide ocean of South China Sea. It is situated on an oceanic atoll along with a Malaysian Naval Base. An island of the Sparthy Islands administered by Malaysia and is 300 kilometers northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It has a tropical climate since it is located within the equatorial belt. The temperature ranges from 24°c to 32°c and comes with fairly humidity and cooling sea breezes. It is close to tourists from November to January every year due to the heavy monsoon rains.

Layang Layang is man-made and was constructed for Malaysian Navy and later developed as a diving site. It is known as “Shallows Reef” for its pristine reefs and warm clear waters rich in both pelagic and macro diving. This is also one of the well-recognized diving sites and it is included in the top ten diving destinations in the world. With its extreme location and steep walls down to 2000 km and regular sightings of pelagic makes it unique and mystical. It is also said to be a home for several structures on the island – large windmills are provided to have extra electricity on the island.

The 20-meters deep lagoon has some macro creatures to be explored. Seahorses, cuttlefish and pipefish can be seen as well as different schools of sharks roaming around the ocean, this includes Scalloped Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, occasional Threshers and Silvertip Sharks. Stingrays such as Manta rays, Pygmy Devil Rays, Marble Rays, and Eagle Rays are also regular visitors. Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins following dive boats can also be seen. Over the past few years, rare sightings of whale Sharks, Orcas, and Melon-headed Whales can also be seen and explored.

  • Diving Season

    Season is between April to October.

  • Dive Sites

    Dogtooth Lair, The Tunnel, Navigator’s Lane, D’Wall, Gorgonian Forest, The Runway & The Valley
  • Featured Marine Life

    Hammerheads Shark, Foxface Rabbitfish, Bristletooth, Titan Triggerfish, Yellow Breasted Wrasse & Foxface Rabbitfish

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